The dream of Dokodemo Door

Have you ever wished for something unimagined, unreal and impossible to reach? So unreachable until you wake up in the middle of the night and look up. So impossible until you often laugh at your self and turn your back again. So unreal until you doubt yourself if there were such things existed.
Have you ever questioned yourself about the way your brain imagined things? About how wild it can be and how crazy it may seems to have a kind of wishful thinking. About yourself, your desire and how ridiculous it will turn out.
Have you ever wanted anything so bad, ‘till you cried in your daytime for having them to let go? You have been waiting impatiently and you’ve been helplessly trying to get rid of them.

They say everything will be beautiful in the right time. Hell, yeah. What will be the right time except now and then? Ah, you might want to save a little prayer for it. Save everything you own for a chance of make it realizes. Save it for your next year resolution, or a curse in a Halloween nite. Save it for the dawn to come as you’ll be alone with the almighty. Save it for a shooting star or an 11:11 popping in your digital clock. Save it for your birthday wishes. Or save it for the time when your insanity takes over your consciousness.

Have you ever wondered the way things installed in your head? They continuously produce the same reason for every action and reaction. Objectives, and everything you do become subjective, selfishly evolve around you.
Or so help me. I get all crazy for the obsession of Doraemon and his Dokodemo door. Arrrrrggghhhh!!!

Dokodemo door (どこでもド, Dokodemo door? lit. anywhere door)
of Doraemon's most commonly used gadgets is the dokodemo door, a door which allows travel to anywhere by simply going through the door. In an early story, the door is able to travel to the end of the universe, but in later chapters, the door is said to only be able to travel a maximum distance of 100,000 light years and cannot access other dimensions. Another limitation of the door is that it can only safely connect two known locations in its mapping computer. sumber.

Or whatever could lead me back to you.

Blue sky, eyes and jacket back in then 1995

Today I’ll be off to Lam No again. They say it’s the place where you can find Aceh people with blue eyes. Apparently, I didn’t met one at the last visit. Did tsunami sweep them away? Hopefully, no.

Visiting Lam No is like traveling with a time machine. Aha, Doraemon can use the drawer, and I can go with L-300 vehicle with all that ‘jedang-jdung-jedang-jedung’ dischotique music all the way there. Grutee is the main entrance. Check your weapon here, ok? Next, you will be flying to another level of time.

The moment you check your calendar, it is 2006. Still, it is in Lam No. Wake up just after the dawn, then you can still have a warm water shower and use your hair dryer. After that, you can wander around the city and have fun.

You walk around the market, which is the center of city. Have a breakfast with a plate of super tasty noodle (pssst, it is really different from the one you usually have in Banda Aceh) and sit in an old wooden chair. You drive along the Banda Aceh – Meulaboh road. This is a river city, water is everywhere you go. The bridge is still under construction, so you across the river by a raft and have a chance to feel the splashing water. Have lunch in a local restaurant and a chance to visit traditional houses of Aceh. You wander around the city and find a quiet environment with green hills and light grey sky in the background. It is 5 o’clock in the afternoon and you go home. False action, your hotel will be rather gloomy. Electricity will be available from 6 pm until the next sunrise. Yup, just wait.
Sunset. It is dark outside, but you have the light. People with no generator will wake up and begin their works. It is the other way of cycle of life here.
Charge your cell phone battery, but hey, there’s no access because of the limitation of signal. Then back to Grutee, your door to your world and check your weapon again. Minutes of nice conversation. Short messages come and go. Leaving a warm feeling until you feel exhausted. On the way back, you meet a local military movement and sense their power. Ah, you have nothing to do with that kind of political stuff. You go back to your room. Turn on the light, apply mosquito repellent on your skin and grab your sarong. Close your eyes.
You wake up before dawn and check out your calendar. It is 2006. Still have the light. You open the window. Inhale the air of Lam No and feel fresh and a little bit chilly. Sunrise. Stare at the scenery and think back yesterday. Hell no, this is not 2006!

If you happen to be in 1995, with no cell phone since there’s no signal, no internet connection, limited electricity, strict rules, limited access to another places, the domination of local power military, and slow environment, would you go to Grutee as your entrance to 2006?

Of course you will have to leave the blue eyes. Unless they’re going away with you.

Ah. I will go anywhere with you, rockstar. No need of a pair of blue eyes.

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