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Looking at the same moon, connecting by the same wire.

It was this morning on the u fm. The announcer interviewed her friend, and then played this song accordingly.
Ah, it was still 8 o’clock in the morning, and I was in a rush to go to the office. I put on a new dress an I thought the lyrics is quite cheezy. Yes, I have been through it all, and I believe I am so much stronger now. But the tears can’t help but showed.
We'll be wishing on the same star / Looking at the same moon
When you're thinking of me, baby / I'll be thinking of you
And no matter where I go /I will be there with you
Wishing on the same star / Lookin at the same moon

It's not really over / Baby, it will never be
Long as you keep me in your heart / I'll be there anywhere you are
And when you feel sad / Remember all the love we shared
And when you're feelin alone / Well, just look up in the sky
Oh, and baby, so will I

...Wishing on a Same Star - Myra
I can not believe I will do this all over again *sob*

10 Commands

10 most desirable items at the moments: 1.Juno handheld GPS from Trimble. Love the yellow, love the design and love how it fits in my hand purrfectly.
2.White Nintendo DS Light stuffed with sequels of Dinner Dash, all brain teaser and yoga games.
3.Newly two front teeth.
4.SIGMA 18-200mm lens with Optical Stabilizer for Canon. I’m drooling to wet to have this.
5.Simple clean and plain white t-shirt.
6.Pairs of long john, or, regarding my body size, should we name it short john?
7.Red Karrimor 35ltr ladies rucsack.
8.5 star hotel voucher for strike 3 nights. Swimming pool facility is a must.
9.Sets of Wayang Kulit. Pandawa Lima preferably.
10.Another pre-honeymooners trip to exotic beaches.Now, looking at the list above, no wonder if I would get stacks of white t-shirt for the birthday.
Although books, notebooks and cds are always welcome as well. Also Gundams, Doraemon thingy, and another pairs of Tevas.
Oh well, have a nice day.

Time Machine

If Doraemon were kind enough to lend me his time machine, I would probably directly go to Nobita’s room and hopped on his drawer for the journey. And if Doraemon asked me which of my age I want to revisit, the first thing comes up in my mind is when I was 17. Oh boy, as a teenage high school girl, life was simply wonderful. Nothing much to worry about, even on a physical appearance. I was more focus on my dream job as a graphic designer, so I did a lot of drawing and designing. Posters, album cover, t-shirt, anything that needed a little touch of art. As an addition music has always been a big part of my life, and in high school it was all about Napalm Death, Shelter, Bad Religion, Ramones (well, actually I still listen to them until now, punk music has strangely set a place in my heart), Biohazard, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and a big, no, a HUGE fans of PAS band. I was pretty stand up for this matter, as I always mocked Backstreet as boys who got no dick. The good thing about being 17…

Gravity and Fall

Heart of Me - Carpark NorthYou always take the heart of me
and leave it there it stays to be
what is it for? do you want more?
it takes a while to grasp on to
the softness of a heart anew
what is it for? why did you wrong me?
in the bus I fall all the time
my feet give up and gravity is mine
I throw myselfn from anything that's tall
and fall
I want to live and learn to love
and you're the one I put above
but what is it for? could there be more?
in the bus I fall all the time
my feet give up and gravity is mine

I throw myself
from stairs and trains
from trees and planes
as long as I can fall

So, it would be a day with this song, played over and over again.
Or, it would be you, who come over and over again.
And I, would do nothing but fall over and over again.
I guess, gravity, and your charm, casted their spell on me, again.