Meditative window

It is mysterious.

How I fall in love with traveling. How I enjoy every second of teleporting my self from one place of another, and extent the blink-of-an-eye time into hours riding. I can burry my self in pages of a good reading, if the travelling done by train or plane. Either way, I can sit still and nodded my head of, waiting for the next terminal to come. You might think I am insane, as my favorite part of travelling is gazing through the window.

It is a mystery, how the window on my side can share a thousand story, and gather my million pieces of mind into meaningful points. A good chilling music will be a good companion. That’s why there are always Kings of Convenience and Sting in my MP3 player. They really know how to chase away the loneliness from inside of me, give me space to cherish my self as my self. This kind of activity is a meditative way to cheer me up. Later on, often help me with the decision I have to make. Life is about choices, isn’t it? So, travelling for me, is a good way to determine what part of life I want to play.

I still remember, the the night I spent on a bus riding to Bali. Auntie Audi on my side was sleeping, while I, back to my favorite part of traveling, made friends with the window. I stared forever into darkness, and saw my reflection on the glass instead. That girl just thought and thought and tought. It seems everything in her brain shuffled and at one point, she convinced me that quitting the job, it’s the right thing to do. And she smiled happily.

Today, as this Monday get me in the head, I will keep this in mind. Last travelling. And as a weekender, I might say I had both: tremendous weekend, and wonderful journey. The ride of my life. Although, it wasn’t that yellow volkswagen cab. A ranger, was the answer. 6 hours riding, coast to coast, a friendly driver which gave me continous crash-oh my-crash, a good friend, and laughters and then switched silence.

It is mysterious.
How I cancelled a good day in bed with this kind of activity.

Above: an on and off picture from west coast of Aceh. Just like you, turn me on and off, inside and out.

Am I wry? Oh my! Fallacy

I wrote many posts about ‘akhir pekan’. It’s not like I hate the weekdays. But weekend… This is the time I look forward to made the week. Find a moment, and hope it last. At least in the corner of my brain. If I was in Bandung, origami, Saturday afternoon at JI, the girls, and the crowd would make my days. But, far away from those things, I have to enjoy my Saturday in a different way.

Last weekend was… wonderful. I find my self as my self again. Strecth my lips from ear to ear and sing that song of happiness. Here, along with the people I love.

Beginilah cara membaca cerita the weekenders:

0. Sebenernya diawali dengan perjalanan Banda Aceh – Jeunib – Banda Aceh. Tapi ga ada foto ygreprensentatif. Jadi sutralah. Cerita disini aja. Perjalanan. I always love travelling. Apalagi kalo travelling sambil memandang sunset dari jendela, diiringi lagu Kings of Convenience dan teman mengobrol yg menyenangkan…
Bangun pagi karena alarm Doraemon. Gangguin Abah yg semaleman rajin sekali kutak ketik diiringi lagu rock n roll.
2. Menikmati matahari terbit. Panasnya mulai menyengat. Tapi indah… I miss you, Sunrise. You should have been here to enjoy this with me.
Mengintip sungai Sarah yang begitu damainya.
Ambil ancang-ancang untuk nyebur di Sarah. Jangan heran kalo gw nyanyi-nyanyi Am I Wry-nya Mew melulu. Sarah, now that you’re here… [padahal itu sih Farah, bukan Sarah. Bae ah…]
Akhirnya nyebur juga deh…
Origami lessons for kids at Lamsenia… Glad to share this with you…
Foto KTP
Foto KTP untuk di bawah umur… hehehe…
Seabis bermain ombak di pantai.
Iya kamu ganteng…. ;)

Ride away

If life is a car ride, I don’t want to ride an F1 racing car. With all those red and white square patterns. Fire resistant suit and a big round helmet that makes me look like a sproud. No scenery from the window, everything falls into blurry stripes. The sounds of high speed engine mixed with high frequency wind sound will be the soundtrack. But after all a high adrenaline journey, everything will be worthed as one championship. A champion and a champagne, plus a skinny girl with sexy fake fire resistant suits. The thing is, you’re going… a l o n e. Your time to reach your goals, that counts.

If life is a car ride, I don’t want it to be a Land Cruiser speed racing off road competition, either. So many ups and downs, valley and hill, through and out of the forest. You and your navigator. Just the two of you, ‘cause the number of companion will determine your goal. Bumpy road is the thing for this kind of journey. Bring your System of a Down or same genre group band cassette, cause CD player will tremble for this full of shaking ride. And add some spread of mud to make it all complete. It is, how you handle the situation, how you manage your ride to keep going, and how you concure this mother earth.

If life is a car ride, then I will pick a big yellow volkswagen cab. This journey will be a tale between two cities, and everything in between. There is always a room for everyone, so friends are invinted to join the trip. Choose the destination located by the sea, so you will get a wonderful view. Ocean on your left side and hills on your right side, or vice versa. Bring your guitar, along with laughters, smiles and humming your favorite songs. I will sit by the window, wear my all-over-face sunglassess, and stare excitely to the crushing waves. Imagining my love, my life and what a beautiful word God has created. Live this life to its fullest, this is how you win the battle.

That Rockaway feeling

I can feel it’s ending. That Sundays, when everyone rushed to the beach just because we had unseasonably warm weather in late September, ...