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2014: Let It Go, Interstellar and other lesson learned

2014 for me was a bit stagnant, in a good way. Nothing was really exciting and I didn’t hit the bottom. I stumbled, like most of us did, but the fall was not bad. It was a consistent float in the cloud of contentment. And as it is difficult to tell it chronologically, let me break it down by departments.

Place most visited: New York
I didn’t go abroad at all, my passport pages are blank and boring. This was somehow unlike me who always itch to hop on a journey. But on the other side, I sent several visa invitations for lovelies to set foot on the big apple. And seeing their smiles when they awed Manhattan skyline from my rooftop was beyond my jawbreaking moment of staring at South Rim of Grand Canyon. We strolled happily on the dirty sidewalks of the city, taking pictures of them mostly with me as a cameo. This city is still so much greatness, so much to offer. So many good people are living here. And this is always the side of the city that I want to share with the visitors.

Hottest e…


I had a vivid dream. A dream that was so lucid, I could trace the wrinkles in his face when he smiled. I could feel he was standing tall that I have to look up everytime we conversed. Like many other dreams, most of them didn't make sense. I met him at the attic of my home in my hometown, he had a project in town and spent days at my attic, sketching and writing stories. Of course this was not real, he does not sketch nor write. He takes pictures and he hikes. And that's what I like about him.

Then the memories floated in. There were too many little moments we spent together without me realizing that he was the adventure I wanna be with. In the earlier days, we had an impromptu meet-up by the beach. We remember this to every details. It was me who convinced him that I had the best tea and he must try it. He picked me up after work then sat down on the bench by the beach. I took out the tea bag out of my backpack and put it on top of the picnic bench. Right then we realized ho…

We can work it out

This is why we danced to “We Can Work It Out” in the kitchen. Because life, more often than not, would surprise you in a funny way. Of your dreams come true, or of  your day turn sour. This might be written in the star, but also might fall out of nowhere.
That after today, my life will not be the same again, it is time for another chapter in life, I believe. Like lessons in books or chapter in a play, each chapter has different difficulties and scenes. Each you want to absorb, pass or ponder upon. But each lesson in life, it has the purpose to upgrade your self.

Spring forward

Last night I had a blast day. Spring finally is in bloom in the city and we’ve been delirious with the freshness. I stepped in to my apartment after an exhausting-but-well-deserved walking up the stairs. I took off my trench coat and hang it on the hallway entrance and whisper, “I have a good life.” My friend said she loves trench coat because trench coat means good weather. Can’t agree more.
Wait, what did I say previously? I have a good life.
Where did it come from?

It makes me wondering. During the week, how many times do you go home and utter to the people at home or to your cat that you had a good day? How many times you go to bed with a smile?
I must say, all through spring :)

Favorite person in your favorite life

Recently, I have been digesting quite a few readings of this bohemian hip called minimalism. Alright, it is not exactly that hippy. But I kinda like the idea, so I bought more books on the topic and gobbled it down.
One of the writings tickled me, as the author mentioned that all of his clothes are his favorite clothes. I looked at my outfit today. The toms shoes and fake leather jacket, they are by far one of my spring favorite clothing items. And all of my striped t-shirts are indeed my favorite tees, they can easily live up the vibe and never ever goes out of style. I love this cheap $5 stretch skirt, which I grabbed spontaneously by the cashier of HnM.
I am the version of my favorite person today. But this favorite thing goes beyond clothes, supposedly. I’m thinking of the choices I’ve been landed on. And the next time I sat on the bar beside someone, I’d love to pop up the question, is your life your favorite life? Are you the version of your favorite person?

This is it.

Sometimes I wonder why you and me never had an ending.
Once I scribbled on my notebook the way I feel about you, and it might be it. With you, it always feels like the first time again. The same heartbeat, excitement and adrenaline rush. It feels like falling in love all over again. And it doesn’t matter it is with the same person, because the feeling is somehow renewed. Recharged. Refreshed. It feels like being young and seeing someone from the opposite sex with adolescent eyes or the very first time.
It was always the same eyes that couldn’t take off of each other’s. It was always the same arms that hungry for more hugs. Same lips, same words uttered explicitly on how we missed each other. Same kisses, that I now understand why people make clips of the world slowly spins and the couples dangling few inches, hands and lips are intertwined.
Sometimes I wonder how people falls in love, and do they fall in love like this? Like, this sudden, this deep but also uplifting at the same tim…