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The naturalist

screw me for not having remove you out of my facebook friendlist. that once in a while your name appears on my timeline, and i accidentally stumble upon your snaps of trees and flowers. no sight of your face, but i can't help smiling over your view of this world. people can take you to urban setting, but they can't take away the nature in you.

don't get me wrong, i have over you. though by judging through series of pictures and status on each facebook's wall, i can see that we are now very single. or at least i am and at least i thought you are too.and it might be that it's been a while that i haven't involved in an intense and committed relationship, i must say i miss it. i miss to be someone's other half. then for sure, the bittersweet of how things turned out in a strange way between us, it lingers on. like, how casual it was when i first knocked on your door that night. you didn't show that you were surprised to see me. but of course you were a bit s…