It always rains in this part of the world

It’s been a fine day. I woke up late, and enjoyed the free coffee from the hostels vending machine. Considerably, I woke up quite early, because I manage to have a lazy shower and have breakfast down in the white room. The Japanese guy said hi to me, and said he was leaving Antwerp today. I smiled back and wish him good luck in his Euro trip. After that I surfed the free internet and chit chatted with friends. It is always good to exchange unessential news with your dearest persons.

Then I and my travel buddy strolled around the city. The city somewhat reminds me of my hometown and I embraced the feeling home. It has small nice places here and there. The weather was good but turned out to be dull at the end. Ouch. I sheltered under my cyan umbrella but it was raining heavily. We decided to go into a bar with loud 80ies music. He tried the local beer brand, and I ordered something called “Pintcha.”

I was really glad that we stopped at this place and uttered, “Too bad it’s raining today,” he replied with “You always complain.”

I was shocked. I don’t want to be that kind of person. The sentence with a high pitch “No, I’m not!” was on the tip of my tongue, but I kept quiet. He would have been replied with “You always argue,” and arguing is one thing that I’m not good at.

To my defense I murmured “But I hate rain.” He looked at me sharply, “Come on, that’s life.”

Yeah, I hate the he sometimes right, but that’s life. In life, I can not expect sunshine all the time. The weather is changing, the climate is changing, and what could I do except the adaptation? I got sunscreen and shades for shiny days, I got waterproof coat and umbrella for rainy days. What’s next, extra flashlight for super gloomy day? Yes, sometimes there are things you could not change, and the best is equipped our selves with prevention. Or else, move out. And can you imagine the people who are living in this country? Are they moving away? I guess not. They manage to stay in this lovely town. Where it always rains all the time.

I gulped my last pincha and he took me by the hand, “Let’s go.”

On a failed traveling

So, here I am now, at one (and maybe only) open cafe at this hour. I’m pampering my self with a glass of unexpectedly too-strong Irish coffee. This gloomy weather is killing me. The clouds sucked out my energy andd the raindrops sometimes get me uncomfort. Me and my travelling buddy have been walking for hours under the grey sky and pouring rain. *deep sigh* Sometimes I wish I didn’t expect too much from a holiday, because when you expect more, you’ll often get less. Don’t even dream of romantic getaway, sunshiny day or picturesque scenes, because chances are you might get a clash, dull sky and unmatching mixed-up between historical buildings and modern architectures. When I was trying to enter the museum, it turned out the entrance-fee is not worth the sloppy artifacts inside it. When I want to have lunch in a budget Viatnemese restaurant, it’s not open yet. I’ve been drroling to sit quietly on one supersize-comfy couch in one of the cafes, then the waiter slammed its door in front of my nose. Don’t dream too high baby, unless you prepare to fall hard.
But, this is the part when booze do their job at its best. Thanks for the jam-packed bar with more than 300 beer-brands aligned. Thanks God I’m in Brussels.

I Work With Fire

This end of weekend (how strange it sounds) we went to the park. There was a carnival and a fireworks show by the lake. People stand up and held their head up to the sky. Kids were running around and sometimes plugged their ears with fingers. The photographers set up their tripods and captured the show neatly. And me? I feel like living in one of my dream. The transition between day and night time made everything a bit blurry. But still, I amused my self with the company. Carnival is always about rushing your adrenalin and indulge your sugar level. Couples might love to spoil each others by winning the dolls or watched the town from the top of ferries wheel. Or probably just sit side by side, amongst the crowd watched the bright tones in the sky. Why did people invent this show? Was it inspired by the war? That night I watched the fire in a quiet close distance, and I just realized beside the big bang sound, they made a strange creepy sounds. Well, I know people were there for the visual entertainment, not to spoil their ears. On the contrary it might be damageable.

What do you think? What’s so good about fireworks? The explosion, the color or the shape? The crowd, the lens you have or someone who hold your hand when you watch the last splash?

That Rockaway feeling

I can feel it’s ending. That Sundays, when everyone rushed to the beach just because we had unseasonably warm weather in late September, ...