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Taken from Taken

There was one moment in my life, when I was busy with my bachelor degree final project. I could not go faraway, and decided to stays at home a lot. Then I found a refreshment. Well, kinda of. I watched a lot of movies. And there was this mini series, 7 episodes, about UFO and such things. I’m not into science fiction whatsoever, I’d rather stick to festival film about daily life and absurd love story. But this Steven Spielberg fascinated me, really.It was Taken. And since I saw the mini series, I have this disbelief about ugly green creature with long arms and big black eyes. Probably 7 times two hours shows were all it takes to explain all that out of this world phenomenon. War of the World, another Spielberg movie about UFO, can not even compete Taken movie trailer.But it is not the UFO that I really fond of. It was Allie. The little girl character in Taken, who used to write in her diary about her life. Very innocent, yet so mature to reflect her questionaires and wonder about it a…

Wish You Were Here Is Not Only Written in a Postcards

Pulau Peucang, 20 October 2007Dear Babe,
Have been missing you very much. I’m here, in such a paradise, with 8 boys, and they are nothing compare to you. Uhm, most of them are my old friends, and connecting with them was like opening an old diary. Names, places and memories sometimes pop up in my head.

If I’m not mistaken, we’ve been missing each other recently. I know there will be another session of running away from reality, only time will define. But, surely, I will do that again with you, babe. We are definitely a great team when it comes to the beach. We stuff our backpack with goggles, bikinis, mosquitoes repellent, mineral water, MP3 player + portable speaker, bigframe sunglasses, teabags and of course thousand stories of our rollercoaster life.

You are one of a rare kind that can enjoy the beach exactly the way I do. Some pepole can never enjoy the beach, they say beach is too hot and sticky and nothing challenging about it. Some people can enjoy it too much by div…