River Boys

I bought the book Beach Boys, written by an India author and you will have to believe that I haven’t finished it until now. Phew, it was 5 months ago. Well, the story is not disappointing, but still I haven’t managed to read it until the last page. As usual, the cover gets me into it. The picture of three dark brown skin boys, they are jumping right into the water. As, M sometimes says, a good color combination blue and brown is.

In my last trip to Marante, Tana Toraja, I had a chance to capture those dark brown skin boys, happily played by the river. Naked and innocent, so eager and not afraid of the water. As a citizen girl, I’m kind of jealous of them. They were really free and happy as can be. Ripped of their clothes, hanged by the bridge and jump right into the river. Beside the loud sound of splashing water, you can still hear their notorious laughter.

A friend once said that I am a free soul. Well, had met those river boys, you should rethink again, dear friend. As you can see me and my beib, Henny, on the bridge, loosing our balance and afraid to fall.

Sometimes it is not good to loose your balance. But once you loose it, be brave to fall gracefully, get wet, and still release a good laugh. After all, you learn how to swim. And being watery soaked is not that bad.

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