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Watery Wet

My best friend Q, shouted out that morning while I was having a hot (note: it’s hot, hotter than warm) bath. “Dita!!! It’s snowing outside!!” Suddenly, I grabbed my towel, wrapped it around my body then ran out to the nearest window.There. I saw white sprinkles are falling from the sky. And from the night before, they are already there. The roof, the trees, the yard, the bicycles parked on the street side, all covered by white soft icy blanket.
Then I can almost hear the soundtrack of Oshin as a background. Kidding. Call me a ‘villager’ or whatsoever. I don’t care. For I’ve been mesmerized by the first snow falling on Tokyo this winter. I know, it’s not the first snow on earth, but it is the first snow experience in my life. Then we went out. In a little hurry, but I couldn’t stop my self from shouting gladly. Yes, I was so happy until I forgot to feel the chilly weather. I walked around and I like the watery sound my feet made when they stepped on the ground. I fell in love with the s…