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2014: Let It Go, Interstellar and other lesson learned

2014 for me was a bit stagnant, in a good way. Nothing was really exciting and I didn’t hit the bottom. I stumbled, like most of us did, but the fall was not bad. It was a consistent float in the cloud of contentment. And as it is difficult to tell it chronologically, let me break it down by departments.

Place most visited: New York
I didn’t go abroad at all, my passport pages are blank and boring. This was somehow unlike me who always itch to hop on a journey. But on the other side, I sent several visa invitations for lovelies to set foot on the big apple. And seeing their smiles when they awed Manhattan skyline from my rooftop was beyond my jawbreaking moment of staring at South Rim of Grand Canyon. We strolled happily on the dirty sidewalks of the city, taking pictures of them mostly with me as a cameo. This city is still so much greatness, so much to offer. So many good people are living here. And this is always the side of the city that I want to share with the visitors.

Hottest e…