2014: Let It Go, Interstellar and other lesson learned

2014 for me was a bit stagnant, in a good way. Nothing was really exciting and I didn’t hit the bottom. I stumbled, like most of us did, but the fall was not bad. It was a consistent float in the cloud of contentment. And as it is difficult to tell it chronologically, let me break it down by departments.

Place most visited: New York
I didn’t go abroad at all, my passport pages are blank and boring. This was somehow unlike me who always itch to hop on a journey. But on the other side, I sent several visa invitations for lovelies to set foot on the big apple. And seeing their smiles when they awed Manhattan skyline from my rooftop was beyond my jawbreaking moment of staring at South Rim of Grand Canyon. We strolled happily on the dirty sidewalks of the city, taking pictures of them mostly with me as a cameo. This city is still so much greatness, so much to offer. So many good people are living here. And this is always the side of the city that I want to share with the visitors.

Hottest exercise: Running
And of course I hold on to it, gripping hard. In one of my late afternoon jogging trips, I gazed into the Williamsburg Bridge ahead of me and curse: stay. And I continue miles after miles moving with my running shoes, even after the temperature dropped to 5 centigrade. This constant movement gives me energy to keep me going, keep me floating. I joined my first fun race in 2015, only to find out that I am in a competition with no one but myself. And to further confirm that I could not live without music as Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club has been played more than 137 times along with my jogging.

Most played music: Let It Go
While the most song played by my Spotify is Shuffle, the rest of the world might be earwormed by Let It Go the Frozen soundtrack. I didn’t catch the virus, but I must say, let it go is one my greatest lesson of 2014. This also I’ve seen in so many people life in 2014. The moment when they let go of something, that was also the moment they gained it back, in higher level of awesomeness. And this was true to me.

Most interesting movie: Interstellar (no worries, no spoiler)
Let It Go the song has nothing to do with Interstellar, but it surely reflects in one of the scenes and how the movie ends. It was a bit awkward to my liking but happy ending in short. And I felt like like Matthew Mcconaughey when I finally let go of my dream job, only to find the better one was already reserved under my name. Don’t worry too much about the future, because of what you have in mind is sometimes a crack version of what universe will grant you next.

Most interesting read: Be Nobody
And when you do it for the greater reason, greater cause, it will come back to you multiplied by tons. Reading Be Nobody is the antithesis of our striving to success. Of all the time I have been implanted by the doctrine to be somebody, this time I stepped back and flipped it the other way around. And it feels good. It feels good to convince my self again and again: this time, do it to make other people happy. Or maybe, it was actually feels good because after years of no significant amount of good reads, 2014 was the year when I finished more than ten books.

All in all, I’m still learning to be a better person by nurturing love and kindness, which is always challenging in a fast-phase of big city. But in general, it was not as painful as before. It is actually starting to bloom. I’m thankful for every people around me, and I’m also glad that I had some times by my self. Can’t compare which one was best, days in San Diego just by my self, or summer getaway with boyfie in Portland, Maine. I don’t know which one I like the most, partying on my rooftop or days enjoying Lower East Side alone. I guess each day I grow younger, finding every inch of this earth is my playground. And year in review is not suitable anymore, as moments are sometimes intangible, the pleasure extends beyond time and space. What I gained in 2014, I will carry it with me throughout the coming years. And what I lost in 2014, they are making room for better things, intentionally playing parts in a possibly better 2015.

Neverthelessly, have a great new year. I wish you love and kindness, not only from people around you, but more from you to the rest of the world. I wish you meet a lot of strangers, only to find yourself with greater friends at the end of the year. I wish you travel more, only to find a better home or a better home is where your kitchen already is now. I wish you’d lost a lot in 2014, only to find that 2015 has much better things to experienced with.

And I hope by the end of 2014, you'd already watched Boyhood, danced to D’Angelo new album and read Eleanor and Park. If not, you know what to put in your 2015 resolution by now, because those were also my highlights of 2014.

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