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2013: A full spectrum of rainbow

In 2013, my biggest lesson-learn is, life is not always a ban of rainbow.
And unsurprisingly, it has always been like that the year before. Or the year before. Or the year before. It has been like that for all the time.

I might not have the remarkable new year’s eve party. In addition that I did not have someone to exchange kisses with when the Times Square ball dropped and everyone cheered. It felt like another week-end in the neighbourhood and I ended up in the dive club with crappy music. The only thing to celebrate was, I was there with friends. Also, I survived another year and hopeful for the upcoming year.
I pledge for AWESOME 2013 as my punch-line, yet the year started shakily. I might not cope with winter very well for feeling extremely cold in the middle of snowball fight in Central Park. The light vanished quickly, and I hurried to the nearest cafe for emotional support of a cup of Irish coffee. I didn’t manage to brave the cold this time, but the warmth is something to b…