Two Kinds

We’re the two of two kinds

One day, we manage to have a trip together to our hometown. At the train station we met. And on our physical appearances, you can tell the different by looking at a glance. She is pretty much of a girly type, I guess. She wore pedal pusher pants and a simple t-shirt, with a brand written on its front that will set your mind to girly stuffs. A flat beautiful ballet shoes and a leather handbag suited her outfit. When she saw me, she gave a comment directly “Oh boy, you are sooo backpackers.” While I didn’t bring any backpack at all. It was just me, with my too-big-to-be-true-stroller travel bag, my kiss-don’t-kill black t-shirt, my boot cut jeans, my bright green armpit bag and of course my blue jacket.

We chatted along all the way home, just like girlfriends do. 4 hours in the train, cached up stories and some of the juicy rumors about our friends. She told me about the problems she had with her boyfriend, hopefully they’re both OK now. And I told her about this relationshit about me and my beau. Along this conversation, I found out that...

On career. She is amazingly smart, which makes every other girl, even boys, will green with envy. And me, well, I’m not dumb, only dumber. Ha-ha.
She‘s gonna be the next promising career woman by working hard in a lab for avian influenza innovation. Oh, I have the clear picture of her in my mind, with knee length pencil skirt, lean and tidy shirt, a blazer, high heels, and a black fancy leather handbag. Add a clean white laboratory coat to cover all. I’m gonna be the next promising one also (or so I wish), but probably will come out in a different version.
She dreams to travel where human has built the early ancient cultural infrastructure, while I have this obsession of witnessing every possible coastline and the great outdoor.

On love. She is very committed in a relationship, while I like to play around and have my own flirtatious world, yummy yummy.
She is into possession, while freedom is top on my list. For examples, she needs her boyfriend to care about her, gave her a tolerable limited socialization and showed her the devotion by jealousy. On the other hand, I have to have my own space and no need of jealousy this and jealousy that.
She likes manly and masculine type of guy, while I fall for androgyny and don’t ask why.

On nothing and everything.
She likes fruits and vegetables while I always crave for sugary sweets and chocolate.
A cute handbag versus brand reliable old backpack.
She has this bunches of girlfriends while usually I am the only girl in the crowd.
In high school, she listens to Spice Girls and I hate that kind of thing and would rather choose Pearl Jam instead.

But, we’re the best of friends

For Cil. We do have something in common. A warm feeling in our heart, that won’t limited by distance and space, for our loved one. You, welcome me to the club.

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