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O brother where art thou?

I am the eldest amongst the siblings, but too many people think I’m the youngest. I admit that I do act childish and craving for attention, but I’d rather refer it to the only child characteristics. Those people have mistakenly read the lines. I was the only child for 5, almost 6, years, then came along my brother. I was very exciting at the beginning, imagining I would have someone to play with, rather than dragged the neighbor kids to stay a while. But when the moment came, I started to realize it might take some times for him to be able to play with me. And then the way people showered him with attention get on my nerve. And it was very upsetting me how everybody let him win just because he’s younger than me. Come on man, in school they taught me about justice, but in my childhood reality it was not realistically exist.After a while, I was more focus on schools. I’ve always been a bit obsessive about this. On the contrary, I didn’t see it from my brother side. He always seemed chil…

Symmetry Mood

I know I must write a lot since I was in a very intense traveling in the past two weeks. I wrote some in my lovely red moleskin journal, but I could not transfer it into digital file. I don’t know why, my self just doesn’t want to do it.Instead, today I’ve been in a very mellow mood. I am suspicious, well rather convinced then, that it is something to do with my hormonal cycle. It is about time.And I could not listen to any other song than this.How I’m loving the opening: I caught in a symmetry of your mind…
I'm caught in the symmetry of your mindBut I'm not happier than youDid I really see you or was it just a dreamDreaming that it was seamlessNot a trace of wrong wordsThat we have spokenLittle did we knowNo bigotry no tears shedOhh if onlyYou'd try to be politeThinking you were rightOnly to find that you're unkindBut ironically you will always beBelle of The Ball least to me

Symmetry – Mew
Yeah, I am convinced that I miss you. But I am protecting my heart so tigh…