Amphidromic Point

Last night we talked about tide. Yup, the one I learn back then at college. Proudly to say, the professor gave me an A. And I explained happily and unstoppable about how moon and earth attract each other and resulting the movement of water mass in the world. The force is greater as the distance becomes closer. You need parties here, the moon and the earth. How they evolve around each other, lighten by the sun and become one universe. At some point and some time we have flood tide or ebb tide. And at some extreme points, there are neap tide and spring tide. Ah, you don’t want to know the details here. Although, I will explain it with a great excitement if you ask. My pleasure.
This is interesting, ya? The idea of the earth and the moon attract each other gave me a wishful thinking. This is analogically how we affect each other. I touched someone and he reached for mine and together we create a universe. Altogether with twinkling stars and softy doff orange sun. I don’t mind if you correct me, because the sun is a star after all.
Aaahh... science is always fascinating me. Overwhelmed by its certainty, which constructed a map in mind. Head over heels by its way of logically thinking and how it just won’t tolerate emotionally behavior. See? Even science hasn’t discovered a label for this kind of sickness yet. But, someday science might reveal what we had for so long.

For example, this map of amphidromic point of tides. They have exist since the first beginning of the earth rotation, although this model was discovered long after that.

Someday, baby. Someday when the distance is closer, and the force is greater, our brain will do the math, and our heart will answer each other's questions. And we will smile gratefully about the what we've been through. And we won't sing this song with joy, because at least we understand the first sentence. *smile to you*

How tides control the sea, and what becomes of me
How little things can slip out of your hands
How often people change, no two remain the same
Why things don't always turn out as you plan

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