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2009 – I was a kaleidoscope

This year, I’ve been enrolled in a master course of an institute, so that made me a full-time college student. Period. My life happened between classes, assignments, exams, coffee breaks, journal readings and involved a lot of computer operations. We, students, literally have been spending our life in front of the computer screens almost more than 12 hours a day, and that means half of our student’s life. I try to have a life by squeezing in parties, music concerts, bar hopping, traveling and as normal people do in life, watch movies and read books.

Being a student, my main duty is to learn and report. And with extremely tight deadlines, I worked long hours, digested everything super fast, and the reports mostly came from spinal cord. Crazy, but I have wanted for so long to be here today, so why bother. Complain department is not exist in my student life, but we have life support formed as brilliant lecturers who made the digesting process in doable time, friends who are closer than fa…