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the greatest coffee in the world

it's been a month and i've been continuously rambling about my craving for sanger. what's wrong with me? and what is sanger, actually?
this would classified people into 3 categories: people who doesn't get the idea what sanger is, people who knows it and love it, and people who knows sanger from the people who loves it.
and you know in which category i fall into.

so yeah, sanger is basically an acehnesse coffee mixed with condensated milk. i'm not a coffee maniac, but i do love sanger. it's just different than any other coffee i have ever tasted. i can't really point out why.
back in my banda aceh days, i usually had sanger at night, after dinner. it was not on the daily basis, but very often i sipped it with the companions of sweets and snacks. i rarely have sanger in take-away, always i finished it at the coffeeshop. and all these coffeeshop, they are everywhere in banda aceh, nothing special about them. some of them famous and have more customer. some of the…