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"No, I'm Sid."

Fine. Hate me. I don’t deserve any of your sympathy, I am an evil with human being identity. Disgust my self inside and out. My fake teeth, my crisp laughter, the way I love stuffed animals, and everything you can’t stand of. I know you dislikes all of my attached adjectives; selfish, single-minded, stranger’s lover, childish, spontaneous, thoughtless, wicked, dangerous flirtatious, heavy procrastinator, sleepyhead to the bone and all that. Call me bitch, hideous, anything. Spit out your nasty words and bad mouth me. Hate me, anyway you want to, it won’t be wrong.

Blame me. For I have destroyed your future, your hope, your dream house, and everything. For Ive been letting my heart hanging out all this time, it was too easy to be ripped out. I’m reckless, and you know I am far from flawless, I don’t belong to your world of perfect simetry. You think you have done everything you could and meanwhile I went anywhere I like and did nothing, so blame me. Slap my face and leave me feeling pro…