Moving, often is not a good idea if you involve a lot of stuffs. Or people.

Things I learn from moving apartment (which I already know before, but this further convince me about my self).

  1. I fucking hate packing or unpacking. Unless I have tremendous amount of storage space, it often blew my mind how I have to make decisions to put things where it belongs. Yes, I am messy and cluttery, but it is fucking hard to change my personality from the girl who just spread things over space to that girl who rolled all of her socks into one of the drawers. 
  2. I’m small, so I don’t like storage space that requires me to use stools or ladder. Meaning, I’m not comfortable storing stuffs above my head and I question my ability to keep everyone’s safety with over the head storage. 
  3. Since I’m small, I’m also weak. I don’t have the muscles to lift heavy stuffs. I would do it anyway, however it often ended up with me hating myself being weak. I like things accessible. Thus, I tend to store stuffs by the frequency I use it and proximity. I demand storage in the closet, by my bed, most on the lower level where I can reach out easily. I also have garbage bins, scissors and throws in every room. 
  4. I like minimalism, and this drives me crazy. Insane. Because I have clutter everywhere and I get mad at myself. I never build the muscles or ability to restore stuffs to where it is. Because, I am super lazy, and I would leave everything within arm reach. 
  5. I love assembling and building stuffs. Maybe because I’m crafty, I like building stuffs from scratch, woodworking and all things involving my creativity and mostly soft motoric skills. I love screw and unscrew and working with electricity if I have the knowledge of. 
  6. I also love figuring out how to solve problem using available source. 
  7. I looooove painting job, with the absence of lifting heavy equipment and reach out to ceilings. I think there’s a serenity in seeing the color applied to new surface. And the joy of moving the brushes up and down, using delicate touch. Oh! 
  8. I love throwing out stuffs but often conflicted with the other side of my head thinking of what I can do with that thing instead. I use to have a recycle box which I throw garbage and what I can make of it. Of course, it always ended up overflown with just garbage. 
  9. I don’t like asking for help. I’m such an independent junkie that I want to do everything on my own. Sometimes I end up learning new skills, but often I am stuck, slow and cursing myself who is not good enough.

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