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The curve of your spine

There is one certain place that I will always remember. At times whenever I don’t want to get wet because I can’t embrace the rain, or whenever the sun strikes too much. Right after I called it a day, and even more when I sing myself Lighthouse Family’s ‘Whatever Gets You Through the Day’. I would simply curl my body against yours and I know that I am less alone in this world. And every time I do it like that, you will find my hands in yours and hold them closer to my heart. The place is labeled as my utmost favorite corner. Whenever I feel to give up, or think that a big time positivity is overrated, or confess that I am weak and lonely, I would curl up and find you don’t share the same view. Because this place is warm, even if I show too much skin off. And for the reason that your eyes radiates and the way your flesh glows under the dim light. Even though I can’t see it, ‘cause my eyes are usually wide shut. And I know that I would rate the place with five stars. Because no matter how …