A Letter for a Friend

Hello, Heartache. It’s been a long time since we’ve been together. That’s why I write you this letter. Last November you were with me for our quality time. Had insomniac night, bulimic our self until my pants size get smaller, and wandered in the lonely streets of the town. Maybe it was not the best time of our life, but I must say I learn a lot from it. A lot than I could handle.

You taught me how to be patience, Heartache. You showed me how emotion can trigger some of physical symptoms and how we can physically suffer from our emotionally intentions. It is the thing I remember the most. I begin to familiarize my self with a thing called sadness and tears without teardrop. I still remember, how we were together in the night, the clock was ticking very slowly while you and I sit next to each other, counting every minutes before sunrise. Sometimes I was very afraid to have you near me, so I chose another companion. And you just sorted everything out, creating a new friend list. It is how sweet of you, heartache, to show me companions.

People say they do crazy things for love, ouw, hello? Don’t you realize the hidden power in you, heartache? Yup, you are the wheel of insanity action and powerful effort. And no matter how hard I tried to reach for love, in the end I know, I was helpless. And then you showed how to pray, and the magic of our beliefs. Aha! You made me believe that Up Above, He has been listening for all this time. But still, you were surprised when I show you that yoga could bring the wave of joy over you. Funny, indeed.

I said goodbye to you on the airport. I moved. Not very far, Heartache. But I have to go on. Not only to find that I can stand on my own, but in general I decided to fight for life for a while, give up on love. And voila! I realize that it is the one that fight for me. Sorry, dear friend, it is not that I don’t need you, but I really don’t want to take advantage of you anymore. Enough is enough, Heartache.

And now as I am writing this letter to you, I smiled. I said hello, not to invite you over to my place (I know you hate traveling), but just to let you that I am fine and Ok, here. And more or less to say, I wouldn’t been here if it wasn’t because of you. You were one of those killer teachers, for giving me such a difficult and hard lesson. But you know I would survive, as I did. Within the short period of test, you labeled me as your remarkable student. So, thank you, Heartache.


Dita A.
November 2006

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