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Better Make It Last

Better Make It Better - Swing Out Sister

Take it fast, take is slow,But it won't soften the blowWhen it's time to go
May be old, may be scaredBut you'll never be preparedFor that final blow
Better use your wits or you'll lose your mind...
There's a world to discover and you're runningOut of timeLife's a roller coaster ride
That took you by surpriseNow you're burnin' up inside
Better make it better,Better make it better,Better make it better,
Cause time is running out fast.You can scream you can shout,But when your time runs outDeep inside you'll know
May be rich, may be poor,But when you knock at Heaven's door,Well you have to go
Make the most of what you've got
For it's better than to not have anything at all.
Take each day as it's your last
Or you'll find the future's passed and you're leftwith nothing at all

Better make it better,Make it last

I love Swing Out Sisters so much. I can listen to their hits, in a row, all day, over …

Before Dawn

In the middle of fasting month, you begin to doubt yourself. Your question of life, faith, love and everything evolves around them, rise again. You begin to wonder, whether God listen to your prayers, or he’s away somewhere. And if he listens, will he ever bother to make it realize? He just needs one snap of fingers, while you need to work your ass off to reach your dreams. But then again you wake up in the middle of the night. It’s been days and you keep humming the same sentences. You know, this month only comes once in a year, so you’d better make the best of it. You hear a lot of sound from mosque nearby. In a place between asleep and awake you get down on your knees and look up. As if God is floating in your attic. In a time just before dawn, I always feel like he comes from the attic, and sit still in front of me. He smiles. I offer him a cup of coffee. And as usual, cups of coffee and thousand stories always come in a package. He drinks his black macchiato while I sip my French…