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I had a vivid dream. A dream that was so lucid, I could trace the wrinkles in his face when he smiled. I could feel he was standing tall that I have to look up everytime we conversed. Like many other dreams, most of them didn't make sense. I met him at the attic of my home in my hometown, he had a project in town and spent days at my attic, sketching and writing stories. Of course this was not real, he does not sketch nor write. He takes pictures and he hikes. And that's what I like about him.

Then the memories floated in. There were too many little moments we spent together without me realizing that he was the adventure I wanna be with. In the earlier days, we had an impromptu meet-up by the beach. We remember this to every details. It was me who convinced him that I had the best tea and he must try it. He picked me up after work then sat down on the bench by the beach. I took out the tea bag out of my backpack and put it on top of the picnic bench. Right then we realized ho…