Brigade Salju

Here, I declare that I am the type of beach girl. Beach with capital B. You can call me bitch either, I don’t care. I am all that sunshine, sea breezes, white sand, coral reef, crushing waves, coconut trees, lemon squash, colorful beach ball, bikinis, you named it. Summer will be my middle name, and bright color flips flops will be the best suitable footwear for the season. I get all high and selling cheap smiles on the sea side. Woulbn't mind, if my ultra short pants get wet because of all the splashing salt water.

Instead of playing Welcome to My Paradise by that Coconut reggae band, I’m in love with Snow Brigade. I’m getting high with all the sound of distortion guitar and the lightweight vocalist voice. In the cold cold air of my office room, I can paint a picture in my brain projector. It will be all white. Almost all white. Well, maybe a little brown spot here and there and grayish blue dust for the color of the sky. Instead of tanning skin, which I believe will make me sexier; there will be natural pinkish blush-on on my getting-chubby cheeks. Say goodbye to bikinis, we need layers of warm clothes here. I will desperately seeking for sunshine, for sure.

But, if it is the price I have to pay to be next to you, I don’t mind. At all.

enable to bring out the something
you want to know beneath the snow

in winter your an affiction
that repeatedly defeated me
because i'll find you somewhere
show you how much i care
know that there is no escape
from my snow brigade
bring out the someone
you want to see for jealousy
we all know one day you'll leave behind
your everything
and feel the spring come
my arms retreat
i wish they were there to hold you

mew - snow brigade

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