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That City

Hey, buddy. Sorry for not around, but I know you wouldn’t expect me to be around either. I am away from the city once again, although this time is not that far. But, the good thing is, I am in that city. Yup, THAT CITY! Maybe, you will raise your eyebrow and ask “What city?” and I will smile. That city, babe. The place we’ve ever dreamed of. Because we think the beach and the largest prostitution place will crack us up. And then you might ask again, “Did we have a plan to visit it?” And I will smile again. That means yes. Probably you wouldn’t remember anyway. But on the flight I was thinking, wait a minute; I should be here with you. Yeah, we talked about this city as our next destination while we were on our East trip. That day, I wished so much to have it come true. And it did come true. Only, we arrived in different time. I know you’ve been here on 2004. When I was trapped in our beloved city, which we left later. I can picture you here, busy with the workshop and shop souvenirs f…