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star truck

I have this thing with rock n roll and people associated with it. I’d rather stereotyping me as a geek whose career involves a lot of math and technical operation, so I don’t encounter a rock star on a daily basis. And I get so shy among them, knowing this type of creatures know how to play instruments, how to write song and how to hypnotize the audience. Mostly I stay quiet because I don’t find myself all-out talking to them.
But that night, I stroke a conversation and they welcomed me back with enthusiasm. And the next thing I knew, I sat happily in the back seat, trapped between guitars and snare drums. We hopped from one bar to another, one gigs to another, and I got the privilege to enter the venue with all-access pass. Of course we had a good time, we danced and I took a lot of snapshots. But still, they are rock stars and it seems we live in a different casts.

But then there was this one night, where me and him were chillin’ out while admiring the skyscrapers view. He strummed …