Your new cuckoo...

Your new cuckoo by Cardigans

I saw you there
I stopped and stared
The curly girlie smiled
You really were
Too close to her
And people just went by

I saw your face
And her embrace
Your whisper in her ear
I know the score
'Cause I've heard it before
I read your lips with fear

Your words were clear (you said:)

Let's say forever, let's say it's true
Let's come together, me and you
Your new cuckoo

Well… I know, I’ve once said “Please hear me out, I’m not over you yet…” And it was true. But, I’ve over you, like sooner is the road I’ve chosen. Today, I am listening to Cardigans again, and this song reminds me of you. Yeah, you still exist in my brain, just like every other guys in my life, but not in my heart. Just read through the lyrics and found out you just la-la-la-la-la-la-la. You and your new cuckoo. La-la-la-la-la-la.

  • In other hand…

Ini bukan gw yg ga layak diperjuangkan. Tapi lu aja yg ga layak mendapatkan. La-la-la-la-la-la… Your new cuckoo…

Luna Lamsenia

Luna Lamsenia.
The name is beautiful, isn’t it?

Luna = the moon
Lamsenia = a great place to be

Well, I have a plan to give my child name Luna. But, I already had a nephew with the name, so I don’t think I can make it realize. But, Luna has been my favorite name for all time. Simple. Just like the song, by Smashing Pumpkins, simple and very sweet.

And Lamsenia… I don’t know what I have to say about it. Umm… It’s not like I haven’t been there before. From the first time, I’ve sensed that I’m gonna like the place. Located only a few meters from the sea, separated by dusty street, and filled with great persons. Laughters, and friendly greetings always recall me to be back.

First time, I went there with the crowd. GIS team, Bang Jeffry and his wife, and a team member from Hydronav. So, the fun was in the air that night. People from Yayasan Puter greeted us so well. Served us delicious dinner, and had a long conversation. I mean, long. But I didn’t involved in it, ‘cause I was so busy by the fire, helped serving dinner.

The next time, I went there alone. Well, not exactly by myself. One of Puter’s picked me up. He gave me a ride on his motorcycle for more than 28 km. By the time I arrived, the place was a kind of quiet. But, they greeted me well, and accompany me with smile, laughter, again delicious dinner, a stupid computer game and of course a feeling like home. With the songs Kalangkang, Borondong Garing and all those Sundanesse songs I’ve never heard in purpose while I was in Bandung.

Never tought sleeping in “Ruang Kepala Sekolah” was peaceful. I can hear the sounds of waves and people chattering (to be honest, there’s one voice that I love very much!!!). And woke up because the chickens were shouting out loud. Damn you chicken, I should agree with Adhy to turn you into grilled chicken!!

And in the morning, I went back home. Again, more than 28 km on motorcycle riding. It was one quiet morning. And I didn’t say anything because the view were amazing. Really. You should try this. Motorcycle riding, a crashing waves from Indie Ocean on your left side and the scenery of beautiful mountain on your right side. Now, that’s what I called a gift, a blessed to have a moment like that, even just once, in your life.

But again, the feeling like home in Lamsenia, under the full moon which makes me thanked God for the night. It weighed on my mind for days, Luna Lamsenia.

Hari hari kuning

Selasa 24/01/06 = hari kuning = bahagia
+ training bersama Ririn dan David dari Hydronav… Kembali belajar nyentring!!! “Excellent Dita… Beautiful!”
+ ketawa dan ketawa
+ Lamnesia eh Lamsenia… a great place to be!!!
Bakar ikan di Lamsenia…
+ Bernyanyi-nyanyi Piknik 72 dengan gitar sember. Tenang aja Joni, saya akan melunasi utang nyanyi di Lamsenia!! Sealbeum!!!
+ A long journey home…

Jumat 27/01/06= hari kuning = hari bahagia
+ Ke Seulimeum lagi!!!
+ Berjalan jauh… di antara pematang-pematang sawah… asa MAPALAW. Hehe.. waelha!!
Ngukur berdua dengan Adi
+ Kecebur sungai, setengah badan basah, tapi teuteup… bahagia dan ketawa-ketawa
+ Mengobrol panjaaaaang… dengan seorang yang tadinya pendiam, tapi at the end of the day bisa tertawa ngakak karena ketololan gw

Selasa 31/01/06 = hari orange = Day of the month!!!
Congratulation Dita and Iday, You two had succesfully completed your first backpack travelling journey. Although it’s only for two days, but for rookies like you, you did it very good. Rrr… missing the first ship trip, you called it good? Don’t think so :D

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