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Tiga cangkir kopi di akhir pekan

This served contains: oversized happiness, ton of laughters, huge smiles, one togetherness, multi culture talks, language training, sparkling eyes and something to make your day. Best served in the morning for 12 persons. Dita, Iday, Nye, Nolland, Michelle, Pat, Tom, Jolin, Iwan, and two IT guys.
This served contains: good buddies, colorful dreams, a vision of a future, unstoppable stories, one meaningful conversation, knowledge exchanges and a thankful note for God for letting us to be here today.Best served for 3 persons. Dita, Iday and Brett.
Think of that Coffee Shop. Think Happiness. Overloaded.

*kok kyk iklan bgt yah?

Pemimpi Kecil

Seriously, under my conciousness, I’m dreaming about you.
I’m dreaming about the days we had. They would be like… missing-you-in-every-minute… and imagining-hugging-you-here. Hhh… Because, I know, it is impossible to have you near me all the time. The road you travelled would only made you… delicious!!
But then again, I’m dreaming about the days we had. The days of reunited. When you tell me about the past journey. The days when you see the sparkles in my eyes, that appears everytime you speak your brain out. You will never talk about exhausting and tiredness. This life and its journey is always a passion for you. This earth has never been an ending story. Like us.
I’m dreaming about our passion (or, is it mine?) about beaches. And all the coastline we’ve planned to see. The tan in my skin and the iritation you had on yours because of the sunburn. The sprinkles ofsand under our feet where we walked hand in hand, making our Tevas as dirty as possible.
I’m dreaming about your laughters. Th…

Film Cerita Akhir Pekan

Masih tentang merindu.
Bandung. Kmaren Bang Untung bilang kota ini TOP. Dan isi koran KOMPAS minggu kali ini ngehe banget. Selasar Sunaryo, the Valley, tulisan Agung Hujatnikajenong, profile Runi Palar, pasar Gasibu… Hhh…

Hhhh… *menghela napas*
Hari minggu tanpa kegiatan yg berarti. Hanya lari pagi, nonton Doraemon dan Dapur Klok Klok (love you, Sogi!), tidur di depan tv, masak makan pagi, tidur depan tv (lagi), bangun gara-gara gempa yg membuat terbirit-birit dan diketawain sama bapak-bapak Rumah Cemara, leyeh-leyeh di kamar, Hilmi dateng, mandi, Boim dateng, pergi deh… ngupi-ngupi di tempat yang disebut Bang Taufik. Gw, Iday, Hilmi, Boim. Tambahan Adun dan dua orang lainnya yg ga gw tau namanya, trus Boim nelp Jun, sehingga Jun dateng bareng Novi. Kemudian Boim nelp Jeffry, sehingga Jeffry bergabung. Karena ada Jeffry, maka Hilmi berkewajiban nelpon Ogek, sehingga Ogek dateng dianterin adiknya. Terus Boim nyuruh gw sms Taufik, sehingga Taufik juga dateng. Ck ck ck… Terny…


Akhirnya dengan sangat lemah, saya mengakui bahwa…Saya merindukan Bandung :(Hiks hiks hiks….Dita kangen tidur di atas kasur berseprai Doraemon ditemani boombox kecil kuning yang mengumandangkan lagu Delay setiap paginya…Iya, Dita kangen teh anget buatan Iyah yang jumlah air panas-teh seduhan-gula dan air dingin, semuanya pas!! Dan lebih enak lagi karena tinggal tereak, “Iyah… teh anget!!!”Dita kangen juga fallen asleep in front of TV, with the TV on, and the sound creeps into my dream. Trus karena TV Dita udah pake timer, jadi aja within next 30 minutes, TVnya mati. Jadi jangan bilang pemborosan energi ya. Hellow SBY, saya tidak jadi ditilang kan karena tidur dengan TV menyala.Dita kangen jalan-jalan pake kaos dengan lengan pendek pisan (sampe bulu-bulu ketekku yg lucu ini mengintip dengan malu-malu) dan rok denim dita yg ultra-short-mini-sexy yang beli sepuluh ribuan di Gede bage.Dita kangen factory-factory outlet sepanjang jl Dago… Tempat Dita menghabiskan waktu menghindari celana d…

After all...

*nyanyikan dengan nada Cardigan lagi*
After… a day for travelling 8 hours back and forth

After… spending hour seated besides Franky (think twice about having skinny guy as a boyfriend.. but can’t
resist them sow much!)

After… a little scoop of ice cream that ruined everything

After… hanging round with Putri (12), Sinta (11) and Diana (3)… and had fun together

After… long, and raining road back home

After… cold and cuddled in my white jacket beside him

After… keep thinking, why is it hard for me to swallow?

After… hello, I’m sick!

After… two days feeling dizzy

After… high fever and typhus-phobia feeling

After… I know this is that naughty nostril again!!

After… all-i-want-to-do-is-sleep days

After… penicillin that killed my stomache

After… plain bitter for everyfood I tasted

After… two days staring through my windows
...After all… dancing around with Carnival songJust two days and I'm feeling free to sing and dance again. Being alone …