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Over the Atlantic

It feels so comfy and familiar, curling up in a window-seat. The stewardess has turned off the light inside the plane, and it is so warm under the blanket, with in-flight entertainment on and of course I’m holding Woofy tight.
I am so blessed with the world to see and a job that does it for me. I guess most of my jobs have been built in that way. Three months then Maputo, six months then Nairobi, and five months then Honiara. Places that people would not pin them as holiday destinations at the first place. But yeah, the world is too big to be captured by pages of traveling guide book. Tourism is just one of many ways for appreciating the earth.

And of course there is  my babe on the other line. Someone I love so dearly, I never thought I would find. And doesn't matter the distance, the feeling is constantly at the same level. And we have been built that way, living our mellodramatic life with physical distances between us. But how we love to beat them with any kind of transportat…