Earth Exploration

It’s been more than a month, and life never stops mesmerizing me as it unfolds its mysteries. Layers by layers and still there are many more. It is earth sciences that I am studying here, and although I have been breathing its air since the day I were born, still a lot of thing to discover. I stared and amazed seeing the abundant of minerals we have in earth and more amazed by the way people dig them. Aside from academic things, daily life loaded me in prosperously. From the phenomenon of 90 degrees sun rise and set, to the way we save its light by turning back the clock one hour. I watched the leaves gradually changed their color from day to day and suddenly one day they are all gone. Leaving a brown trunk and skinny twigs to have time for their own. Mother Nature always works in its wonderful ways. And still, each way is gorgeous.
New places always captivated me. And new person, is another way to grow a new brain inside my head. I usually eagerly tell a lot of tales of my self, and in return, curiously asked question about their self. What is it inside their head? Whose name printed in their heart? I try so listen to their symphony and empathy for the war in their home country. I look at their eyes and there I see other windows of the world. A new world, is waiting to discover.

You are so much to explore!

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