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Mom, you go ahead let your hair down..

And then my iPod which in shuffle mode played 'Girl, put your records on, tell me your favorite song..'. I feel like turning the volume out loud and singing with all my heart. Because, saphire and faded jeans, I hope you get your dreams. You go ahead let your hair down.’

This is one of songs who poked and trigered big effect on me, gave me enormous power I didn't know I had before. This song made me holding on with smile, with firm steps and with positive vibe. And at times like this, I want to pinned the youtube video down on my facebook wall and tag my Mom along. Or maybe send the MP3 song via e-mail to her. Or ask my brother to play the song inside the car during their ride home.

But, Mom doesn't do youtube, and doesn't have a proper MP3 player. Hers already broke a long time ago, erasing all of her Siti Nurhaliza's songs.

And more ever, Mom might not get the lyrics, which for me are the most prominent part of the song. Wouldn’t be funny if I translate it with…