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Dementor Ability

If you ever read Harry Potter, you must be familiar with this role: Dementor. For those who haven’t read the book, dementor is a kind of jailer, a person who works in a jail to guard and take care after prisoners. Unlike jailer, dementors don’t walk around the prison with military uniform wannabe, and carry around a cudgel in their hand. J.K Rowling is very genius to let them use old and faded cloak, let their hands be free enough to hide under it (or at least I thought so by reading the book). Instead of physical weapon, Rowling gave them an ability to suck away the happiness from people around them. Without showing off much details, they just exist to make you feel bad. That’s why Azkaban, the prison, is the least place you want to be in. The idea of using a dementor in a prison sounds great. There’s nothing worse than taking away your happiness, your hope and your reason to breathe. Maybe in ordinary jail you get beaten up, served insects as your breakfast, and abused by dinner. Bu…