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Brain vs Heart

It must be the inconsistency of how my brain works. The things just switch from one purpose to another without any reason.There are days that it makes me itch to go outside, even for nothing at all, when everything I have to do is left at home. For example, last Saturday. I don’t know why, but I manage to do all the laundry first thing in the morning, then took a bath. Without any specific destination to go. Yeah, Nova asked me to accompany her working at the office, but I don’t think it worthed it. Since, there was no certainty from Nova, I picked another option to go with Iwing, Pak Rudy and Awan instead. We spent the days at Iday’s house, without things to do in particular, except cooked lunch and had durian as a dessert. What happened in the night was the way my brain works, once again. Me and Nova was dying to go outside. For anything. We searched through phone numer list on our cellphone and tried to ignore all the rejections. But we ended having dinner with a friend. And spent …