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Procrasination Nation

Some days, most of them are the winter days, I find my self tied up to the crib. There's nothing I wanna do except being lazy in my room, or living room, or bubble bathing or cook my self a decent dinner. Of course, I can easily hop to the Irish pub next door who frequently features nice live music, or walk down the avenue to our favorite saint bar with a kick-ass playlist. And I can always knock on R's doors and hang-out with the roomies while strumming guitar and pat the cat. And there's an option of enjoying indie flix two-blocks away and be happy that I manage to get very cultural with my choice of movie. Or anything else because I happen to stay at the hippest area of the great empire. Or do the laundry as I'm in the state of lacking clean undies to wear.
But despite of those, I curl in the corner of my couch, flicking through Spotify playlist and think about you a little too much. I grab my cells, typed 'I miss you' and never get the courage to press the…


Tossing and turning. Last night I found my eyes stay open. This happens once in a blue moon. I knew that the next morning I don’t have to wake up early, but still I was sleep deprived. I ducked my self under the duvet. It was one of the chilly autumn night, and I’m glad that I dressed less but I felt the warmth. You found me moved an inch and drag your body to mine a little more. I smiled to find your fingers around my tummy and your lips on the crook of my neck. I tried to make up story in my head, something similar like this, then I managed to dooze off a while. Maybe it was 10 minutes, my eyes were closed but my brain was alert. I slept on my tummy and buried my self on the pillow. You were disturbed and caressed my bare back. It felt like a light feather and I enjoyed the tingles. But still, it didn’t act like a sleeping pill. I secretly grabbed my iPod and tried to converse my best friend on the other end. But the messenger made a pop sound that even though I turned down the volume…