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To the wonder

Last weekend I hung out with a girl-friend who recently did a solo back packing trip to Mexico. It sounds so exotic, adventurous and daring. A single girl with her backpack, travelled to a foreign country alone. I smiled in admiration of her. And maybe a tiny bit for myself.

Because I did few of solo backpacking trip years back. And it felt awesome. It was scary at the beginning then I get excited once I had my 20ltr backpack in tow. I would not mind to do it again and again.

Solo or not, people tend to relate me with traveling. Maybe that based on the pictures I put on social media For sure, traveling sends me the tingles, when things look new and exciting before my eyes. It awakened the muse in me, constantly poked me to write and capture the wonder.

But the truth is, I hardly travel in the last two years. I did couple of trips, but that was just a small number in comparison to what I did, let’s say in 2007. Oh the beaches I’ve gone in 2007! Not a single trip involved turquoise wate…