To the wonder

Last weekend I hung out with a girl-friend who recently did a solo back packing trip to Mexico. It sounds so exotic, adventurous and daring. A single girl with her backpack, travelled to a foreign country alone. I smiled in admiration of her. And maybe a tiny bit for myself.

Because I did few of solo backpacking trip years back. And it felt awesome. It was scary at the beginning then I get excited once I had my 20ltr backpack in tow. I would not mind to do it again and again.

Solo or not, people tend to relate me with traveling. Maybe that based on the pictures I put on social media For sure, traveling sends me the tingles, when things look new and exciting before my eyes. It awakened the muse in me, constantly poked me to write and capture the wonder.

But the truth is, I hardly travel in the last two years. I did couple of trips, but that was just a small number in comparison to what I did, let’s say in 2007. Oh the beaches I’ve gone in 2007! Not a single trip involved turquoise water in the past two years. But nevertheless, I’ve seen pretty scenery in numerous little corners of town and villages.

And the most honest truth is, traveling becomes a n intimate and personal journey to me. It’s not anymore places I’ve been, faces I’ve seen and things I did in all the trips. It’s more about the feelings that linger. The notion I noticed between train stops, or the thought I have during the cloud watching.

I did couple of sacred trips that I can’t share with the world. Simply because I don’t see the point of sharing it with anyone except myself and my inner circle. I managed to accomplish cross country skiing and going downhill without stumbled out of losing balance. I had a subtle kiss looking over an aqua duct structure. Rock n roll memorabilia captivated me and I step on the hills of Star Wars shooting location. I flew down to meet a strong beautiful lady who managed to be backbone of her family. I fell in love with weaving (the handsome tutor eventually kicked us out). And oh yeah, I did jumped into frozen water couple of times.

It gratifies that destination is not important anymore. No point in showing a map of pinpointed cities I’ve visited. I don’t want my life stops when my frequent flyer miles deteriorate to none. I hope people would stop judging me based on how many pictures of me posing in front of famous landmark of the world.

Because, I want them to envy me on normal Thursday night, dressed in over worn t-shirt and boxer short. I want them to poke me, asking tips on how to spend less and stay excited on normal week nights. Also, I’d like them to be jealous when they see me walking home alone on Saturday night. How did you put the smile on? How can you live life to the fullest even without a stamp on your passport?

So, I smiled to the wanderer friend and attentively listened to her story. How exciting life is in the eyes of people who actually see the world. I turned down the volume of Fragments of Time and shook my head. No, I don’t have any plans yet for the summer except enjoying New York sun and summer fun.

Uhm, but can I have just a little one wish? Oaxaca and not alone, please.

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