Roti Kirey Lullaby

These days. These days are not easy at all, at least according to my not-so-well documented life. Far from family, and have to snap decisions in short time, I feel like my head wants to explode. I somehow suspect it already did a while a go. I feel alone, not in a sense that I don't have people around me. But yes, I feel like leaning against the wall or someone else's shoulder. I remember when things are a bit easier, and everybody seems happy with whatever they have in hands. And we will continue pursuing each dreams and imagining rainbows. I know, this thou will pass. But I couldn't believe that I've been in this situation for weeks.
Things have been a bit difficult for us. But I don't dare complaining because it seems like I have no room in life for it. I stroll on days, and week-ends with each night I pray that tomorrow the good news will pop.
I want my Dad. And this time I want my Mom. Never in my life I want them so near. I want to be with them through every smiles and tears. That in the end, Dad will take us to a nice restaurant, and treat us the most expensive meal. And with the happy ending, we share a bottle of beer.
That I know, we will be just fine.


qq said...

Always envy with you being in NY, seeing your beautiful pics. But I realized now everybody faces hard time once in a while. Be strong Dita, I wish you the best in life

dita said...

I love my life in NY, q. But as someone who's far away from the family, this thing hit me hard the most.
Hug your Mum for me, please :)

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