A Happy Ending Demanding

For once in my life, I just want to be there.
Right in the heart of children section. I know, a fancy book store, that everytime I look at the back covers of their books, my hand will put it back on the shelves. Yup, I've seen the price tag. Regretfully.
Although I am not that wealthy enough to purchase all of their books (beside, there's no point of doing that), but I can still enjoy the services, can't I?
Because, for once in my life, I just want to be there. Surrounded by colorful books. Sitting on a comfy not too puffy carpet. And in the bliss of enjoying the sound from children running around noises. Taking books one by one from the shelves, put it on my lap and do the aaahhh-ohhhh-ahhhhh (please, do not take this as making out session) while gazing at the illustrations. Hilarious and heartwarming stories, all at once. That will set the stars in my eyes, and paint a full smile in my face.
For once in my life, I just want to be there. With you.

Not a happy ending, though.
I've come to realise. Not every happy ending stories have a heartwarming moral. And not every heartwarming stories have a happy ending.

Ahhh.. don't we all, human, want them both?

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