Taken from Taken

There was one moment in my life, when I was busy with my bachelor degree final project. I could not go faraway, and decided to stays at home a lot. Then I found a refreshment. Well, kinda of. I watched a lot of movies. And there was this mini series, 7 episodes, about UFO and such things. I’m not into science fiction whatsoever, I’d rather stick to festival film about daily life and absurd love story. But this Steven Spielberg fascinated me, really.

It was Taken. And since I saw the mini series, I have this disbelief about ugly green creature with long arms and big black eyes. Probably 7 times two hours shows were all it takes to explain all that out of this world phenomenon. War of the World, another Spielberg movie about UFO, can not even compete Taken movie trailer.

But it is not the UFO that I really fond of. It was Allie. The little girl character in Taken, who used to write in her diary about her life. Very innocent, yet so mature to reflect her questionaires and wonder about it all.

Here, I quoted some of them from this site:

Allie Keys: Sometimes the best way to move into the unknown is to take familiar steps, small steps. To do ordinary things to deal with something that is in no way ordinary. We're always going someplace new, all the time. Familiar things just let us pretend that we aren't moving into unfamiliar territory. You take those small familiar steps, and you try to be honest, not to live as if nothing had changed but still to go on with your life. But there are times when what you need is a piece of how things used to be.

Oh, I love Taken. Not only for showing high tech visual effects, but for Allie's thoughtful diary that gives me insight. They howed me how to see this life from different point of view, and how things can be so differentiate.

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