That is just the way he is

The best. And he is still is.

Today, I texted him, wishing to be home by Friday night, together with him. The ride with him is always fun, accompanied by smooth melody of jazz or acoustic guitar. And stopping by between the trips adds more fun, for he is the real omnivore, can eat every food and magically enjoy them all. He also likes to spend some times on cups of coffee. Hazelnut Latte, his favorite. Or just bottles of mineral water and green tea, stocked up in the dashboard drawer of the vehicle.

Catching up stories with him also can be a great thing. I can learn a whole lotta thing from him. He is a professional in his career, have traveled to many countries and read amount of books. No wonder he can throw you million opinions and you would just stare at, overwhelmed. And his witty sense of humor, spice up our conversation, do silly things in the name of fun, and made me burst out in laughter.

So, I texted him. Although he is extremely busy, for having his life between cities, but he always manages to pick up my phone or reply my text message. Plus, he puts a picture of me on my graduation day as his mobile screen saver. Isn't he sweet?

Hey, can I join you for your weekend trip to Bandung?

An hour has passed. My cell phone still lay quietly on my office table. Oh, well, maybe he is on the fly mode or hasn’t rearranged any trip yet. Never mind.
Then suddenly my ring tone was in the air, his name flashed up on the screen and I picked up the phone. “Hello...”

And I didn’t hear any answer at all. But... that was his voice! I can hear his was explaining something in front of audience who sometimes asked questions. Didn’t know exactly what the topic is, but I guess it was about water and sanitation and such stuffs. Professional in this field, and will gladly share everything about it with everyone, that’s just the way he is. And, accidentally press the wrong button of his PDA, is just the way he is as well.

An hour later, he texted me, he wouldn’t go to Bandung today. Oh, well, it’s OK. I can go to Bandung by my self and let’s just meet in Bandung after haven’t met for more than a month. See you there. And he did it again; accidentally press the wrong button so I can rely on his lecture. This time I took the offer and tried to capture it.

After listening to his ‘lecture’ I hang up the phone and trying to concentrate on my maps. It was hard, because I kept thinking about him and has this heart suddenly wrapped around by imaginary blanket after listening to the lecture. I am proud, I really am.

Even though he presses the wrong button many times, but he is the best. And still is.

Love you, Pa.

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