Casa Caia

It’s been a week.

I’ve been far away from the land I’ve been born for more than a week. Well, if this is what I wanted for so long, I really shouldn’t complain.
I’ve been working in a field for five days. Caia. I wonder what it would be like at the first place? Is it windy and dusty and all that? Does the sun strike hot or does it rain all the time? I am here for support flood victims, so I should consider the water aspect. And the most twinkling question, what will I learn as soon as I get there?

But, now as I am here, hopefully I am well enough to read the world.

And I am speechless. I am trying hard to read everything and with less time I have here, the words just wouldn’t come out fluently. Thank God, I had this lovely camera with me. They say, pictures can paint thousand words. Hopefully it will work this time. Just to share.

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Nite picnic under Luna Llena

Then, why can’t I paint you? Here with me…

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