Sky has no limit

Some places have the exceptional beautiful sky. Whether it is clearly blue, unique form of clouds or the height that creates illuminative wide space. I didn’t realize this until I move on from Bandung, almost 4 years ago. Bandung sky is good, although it often is rather gloomy. But after the rain falls, it becomes a transparant white paper like and sunlight warms you up.

Banda Aceh sky is one of the greatest. Although it is accompanied by the hot striking sun and in the day time it is preferably to chill under the roof. But I never forget the time I went home after long hours at the office. The sky usually turn to a mix of orange, purple and pink. All bright. A lovely combination with its elegant green hills. It was always enjoyable to walk on the street, waiting for labi-labi to come, gaze at the sky and think about the warm house at the end of the day. And, nothing can beat the enthusiasm feeling before a hot date for the night. *wink wink*

One of the hypnoticious sky I have ever seen is Jayapura sky. And in general, Jayapura landscape is top of the pop. No one would ever deny this. The color is blue, vividly clear blue, and the clouds always paint a perfect picture. It is the same case with African sky. What captivated me is the height. Yup, although it is scientifically true that atmosphere forms a ball around the earth (that means equal), I can’t help but notice that Jayapura sky is higher than average. It seems the sky has no top boundaries and there is nothing between you and the universe.

It makes me gratefully glad. I can gaze to infinitely blue sky and dream almost about everything.

If the sky has no limit, why should you limit your dreams?

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