Eye Candy

It is hard not to be jealous of Candy Dulfer. I like her song, For the Love of You and imagine someone's physically ordinary behind this genius song. Beauty and brain would be too much for one girl, no?

But yesterday, I got the opportunity to watch her on stage. She showed up in her sexy white dress that wiggled every time she moved, which was very often. How can someone not jealous of her? She is amazingly beautiful, with her blonde Farah Fawcett hairstyle, and her mischief smile. Her tanned skin was glowing and her hip was flowing along with her music. She clapped her hands in the air and asked the audience to dance. How could anyone say no? Her funky music was groovy, passionate and full of energy.

And when she blew the sax, oh my God, for me that's when she reveals the most of her sex appeal. I always consider someone who can play musical instruments is attractive. And Candy does it in a very subtle way. Smooth, sharp and sexy. There goes the word again. Sorry, I just can’t help it.

Sometimes she came near the microphone to sing several lines. I don't know, is it just me who was so thrilled with her image, or she has a funky voice character? I could not think twice, there she was, asking us to sing along with her.

What a night. Seeing an almost perfect image of a girl. While today I was starring at her photos which were captured by my self, I could not stop thinking. How can a girl be so picturely perfect? And how can anybody else be ordinary? Has someone ever told me about this unfair world?

Uh, no Dita no, you are now in a happiness of all-that-jazz night symptom. It is not the time to be green with envy or being bitchy for other's beauty. So, I tune on to Candy's soothing hits, and sipped my earl grey tea happily. I put on my shades because on sunset time my room usually is too blinding. The sunshine always makes my room warmer and brighter.

Yes sweetie, let people shine, and let them shine on you.

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