2009 – I was a kaleidoscope

This year, I’ve been enrolled in a master course of an institute, so that made me a full-time college student. Period. My life happened between classes, assignments, exams, coffee breaks, journal readings and involved a lot of computer operations. We, students, literally have been spending our life in front of the computer screens almost more than 12 hours a day, and that means half of our student’s life. I try to have a life by squeezing in parties, music concerts, bar hopping, traveling and as normal people do in life, watch movies and read books.

Being a student, my main duty is to learn and report. And with extremely tight deadlines, I worked long hours, digested everything super fast, and the reports mostly came from spinal cord. Crazy, but I have wanted for so long to be here today, so why bother. Complain department is not exist in my student life, but we have life support formed as brilliant lecturers who made the digesting process in doable time, friends who are closer than families and a lot of love even came from strangers.

So, that’s basically is 2009 for me. Of course, many people come and go, numerous new places have been visited and enormous little things made me smile and frown. I really could not wrap up this year yet by fireworks, champagne, prost high in the air altogether with “Happy New Year” shouted out loud, as I’m still in the midst of a big work until the end of February next year. But alright, let’s take a day off, pop up the champagne cork and cheers. Say a prayer and contemplate, even just a little.

As mentioned before, for me 2009 is a year of learning. In 2009 I learn how to read and write, not just a blog but also something more serious like professional report and scientific writings. I learn how to cook, not just putting something in a microwave, but mixing ingredients to create something not too tasteless. I learn how live with sufficient money and made ends meet. I learn how to dress fashionably without showing too much skin. Sometimes face is the only skin to show off, just make it complete with a sincere smile painted on it. I learn how to take pictures with heart, not just get the camera functioning. But most of all, I learn how to love.

I learn how to love whatever the weather. I love the sunshine since a long time ago, so this year I learn how to love a day without it. I learn how to love beginning of spring when the weather is still a bit chilly, but with the smell of magnolia in the air, who would not love it? I learn to love autumn, when it is just cold and colder everyday, but with orange and yellow color of falling leaves, who would not love it? I learn to love winter, when it is just dull and literally hard to breath with sub-zero temperature, but with all white beautiful falling snow from the sky, who would not love it?

I learn how to love people. People with diverse skin colors and culture, their point of view and their flaws. I learn their ritual and their food, and as if it is matter, their biological clock. I am amazed by how our path crossed each other in 2009, and even more overwhelmed that we have to go our separate ways. Still, I love how people inspire me, in any forms. Writings, songs, books, e-mails, blog posts, a pillow talk, long and endless conversation over coffee or by only 140 characters twit.
And by all means, my greatest learning of 2009, is how I learn to love God. And that is, require a whole book or might be series to describe it. So, just keep it aside for now.

I can’t wait for 2010. I think I might fed up with student life and itch to go back to be an organizations’ slave or maybe self-employ my self. I don’t know yet. Let it be unsolved mysteries and let 2010 brings surprise answers. I am not in the mood of making any new years resolutions as well. But one certain thing is, I want to keep on learning in the upcoming years, whether I am a college student or not. Whether I am granted a degree or not.
Life is one big institution, and we are sure here to learn.

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