The XXs

Readers are free to mix and match the paragraphs. Just make sure you do the numbers correctly.

[1] My ex boyfriend came to my town. After four years of separation without any news exchange, the universe conspired to make us meet. Physically. He texted me all of sudden, said that he was in town. A happy surprises it was though I reluctantly replied. He a bit insisted to arrange a rendezvous and the next thing was, I sat quietly in the couch of his hotel lobby.

[2] He said I look no different than the girl he dated four years ago. I took it as an insult. I wore the same kind of ripped-off t-shirt, the same over worn denim pants and exactly the same flip flops. I amazed that I didn’t dress my self up to impress him. On the other hand, he didn’t look any different either, though I managed to lock up the words in my mouth. He was still lean and tall, with his pale skin and the quizzical light in his eyes.
[2] He said I look different and I raised one of my eyebrows. He smiled and I took it as a compliment. I was sure I did not dress up, but the plain white t-shirt was enough to impress him. I guess somewhere I forget when, I heard he likes me in white. We shook hands and I can not take my eyes off of him. He looks slightly more mature though he was still the same lean and tall that I used to date. His eyes were twinkling, still.

[3] He took me, or rather I took him to a dinner in a Chinese restaurant. He enjoyed the food so much, he managed to finish them off while I eat just enough and desperately seeking for beers. Unlucky me, no beers in this Chinese restaurant. And of course we talked. A lot to cache up but we slowly chatted about general stuffs like what are we doing, and how are the friends we had back then.
[3] He took me, or rather I took him to an Italian restaurant. He said that was the best spaghetti aglio ‘olio he ever had and I bet he hasn’t taste mine. We ordered red wine though I convinced him that wine makes me sleepy. And of course we had talked. I was a little bit chatty, blame the wine. Mostly he smiled and made funny comments.

[4] Then the big questions were popped up. Are you seeing someone now? He showed me a golden ring wrapped in his left finger and I instantly rephrase my answer. I’m seeing someone now, but it’s not a long term relationship yet. Who’s the lucky guy? You don’t want to know and he kept his mouth shut about this matter.
[4] Then the big questions popped up. Are you seeing someone now? I showed him the golden ring sweetly wrapped my finger, “I’m engaged!” as I said excitedly. A little too much. He smiled oh so wide and examined the ring. I didn’t see any rings on any of his fingers and I was too afraid to ask further. He looked deeply into my eyes and I know the night shouldn’t be bothered by the question.

[5] As soon as he finished his dinner, he took me back to his hotel, and this time he directly guided me to his room. I sat on the edge of his bed, not sure what I want to do. I forced my self to watch the tv which aired some craps as usual while he was watching me. After sometimes he sat beside me and kissed my cheek. I sit silently still then he took it as a cue to kiss another part of my body. I kissed back.
[5] We skipped the coffee and get a cab. On the backseat we sat side by side, trying hard to act casual. He hugged my shoulders and I found comfort. The taxi went directly to his hotel, and we went directly into his room. He turned on the tv and we watched a documentary about Madagascar monkey. Next, the penguin. We were so into it and I didn’t realize he stroked my hair lightly. When I turned away from the tv I met his eyes. We kissed.

[6] One thing led to another and the next thing was I sat comfortably in the back seat of the taxi. Right after I arrived home, I hit the shower.
[6] One thing led to another and the next thing was I woke up in the morning next to him. And just like that we got together again.

Watch things on VCRs, with me and talk about big love
I think we're superstars, you say you think we are the best thing
VCR – the XX


nadya said...

love this!!!

M. Lim said...

kayak pilih sendiri petualanganmu bersama lima sekawan XXX

lenje said...

If only we can choose sequences... lovely piece, Dit :)

dita said...

@nadya: thank you. you get me to keep on writing. anyhow.
@M. Lim: iya Mrs. Lim, tapi yg ini endingnya cuma ada dua
@lenja thank you, i'm waiting for your lovely piece again :)

ilmaffectional said...

wow, nice one. I like the way you twist the story.

salam kenal :D

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