star truck

I have this thing with rock n roll and people associated with it. I’d rather stereotyping me as a geek whose career involves a lot of math and technical operation, so I don’t encounter a rock star on a daily basis. And I get so shy among them, knowing this type of creatures know how to play instruments, how to write song and how to hypnotize the audience. Mostly I stay quiet because I don’t find myself all-out talking to them.
But that night, I stroke a conversation and they welcomed me back with enthusiasm. And the next thing I knew, I sat happily in the back seat, trapped between guitars and snare drums. We hopped from one bar to another, one gigs to another, and I got the privilege to enter the venue with all-access pass. Of course we had a good time, we danced and I took a lot of snapshots. But still, they are rock stars and it seems we live in a different casts.

But then there was this one night, where me and him were chillin’ out while admiring the skyscrapers view. He strummed his guitar and I hummed along in a low voice, knowing I can never compete the full-time musician. Then we talked about things in life, how travel brings inspiration and open-hearted people touch us. He mentioned the name Gordon Sumner, and of course this always lead to endless conversation how I fancy the British guy a little too much. We traced the lyrics thoroughly and how we adore the great way of his story telling. Each verses, from the Soul Cages to the Dream of the Blue Turtle, from Ten Sumoner Tales to Sacred Love. How come this guy can be so poetic and brilliant and sensitive at the same time? He wished to write more great songs, at least something close to Why Should I Cry for You. I smiled like ‘what?’ and then we kissed.

So I kissed a rock star and it feels great to have my teenage dream finally came true. Afterward I might write something moving and touchy like Sting did. Or else something crap close to this. But hell yeah, a kiss is a kiss, and a rock star is a rock star. And me, entitled to have a swoon feeling like performing in front of thousand audiences giving a standing ovation for the song I just finish.


Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAWWWW :") I can imagine a short story coming out of this!!! :'D You tell it so lovingly!!! :D

dita said...

Go on, make your own story based on mine :)

Thank you for dropping by! *hugs*

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