If you like camping by the beach

Last night I dreamt about revisiting Banda Aceh. I worked together with Iday, like I used to do, but with different set of people. And everything was so different, we looked for familiar faces but couldn't find one. We looked for familiar places, but they have changed names and appearances. I told everyone I wanted to go to Lampu'u and one place that I didn't remember the name of but they took us to Lhok Nga. Lhok Nga was beautiful but crowded. I insisted to go far to the west but they shook their head off.

I wanted to meet this boy who used to take me around, take pictures and enjoy Banda Aceh in a million different ways, but they again told me to forget it.

Later I knew, it was Lamsenia that I missed a lot. And as soon as I woke up, tried to remember the details, I sighed, this is not going so well. Lamsenia has been my sanctuary, I planted it down inside of me. I alwasy carry the name, the place and the feelings because from time to time I need the serenity. It's like a natural theurapy, I often call out the memory of quiet morning in Sarah's river, the day playing with the kids and the laughters we shared while grilling fishes. The long ride on the back of motorcycle and the wide grin I had on my face.

Lamsenia dream means my life is at the shaky state, just like Lamsenia once were devastated by tsunami waves. But I once was shared the happiness of people living in temporary tents, Lamaenia dreams means that everything is going to be ok.

Even more if you like camping by the beach, it's going to be great.

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