... *silent*

"Are you OK, Dita?"
"Of course I'm not. Tearing up someone's heart has never been OK to me. No matter how good it feels in the first place."

I'm crushing my heart into million pieces. Let the wind blow them away. And then I'm waiting for a new heart to grow. Or, just like grown-up teeth, doesn't heart grow after it's been taken away?

Damn. You'll never know how deep I'm hurt by hurting you.


Ocean said…
hati siapa yg dihancurkan, dit? huhuhuhuhu gapapa ntar juga sembuh.. ;p
Please don't drown in a bottomless pool of sadness.
There are still so many "popcorns" out there too dry and waiting to be buttered real nice and good!

Dita dita.. ck ck.. been there n done that and it sucks.. be good and you'll be alright..
cupcake said…
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