Your new cuckoo...

Your new cuckoo by Cardigans

I saw you there
I stopped and stared
The curly girlie smiled
You really were
Too close to her
And people just went by

I saw your face
And her embrace
Your whisper in her ear
I know the score
'Cause I've heard it before
I read your lips with fear

Your words were clear (you said:)

Let's say forever, let's say it's true
Let's come together, me and you
Your new cuckoo

Well… I know, I’ve once said “Please hear me out, I’m not over you yet…” And it was true. But, I’ve over you, like sooner is the road I’ve chosen. Today, I am listening to Cardigans again, and this song reminds me of you. Yeah, you still exist in my brain, just like every other guys in my life, but not in my heart. Just read through the lyrics and found out you just la-la-la-la-la-la-la. You and your new cuckoo. La-la-la-la-la-la.

  • In other hand…

Ini bukan gw yg ga layak diperjuangkan. Tapi lu aja yg ga layak mendapatkan. La-la-la-la-la-la… Your new cuckoo…


Ocean said...

ehmmm... ehmmm... ditaaaaaaaaaaaaa ayo nonton kings of..!!

Twelve Red Monkeys said...

Mindang suka banget lagu Cardigans di album yang ini....
Mindang suka IronMan...
So sweeeet
Benernya Mindang lagi sendu sih...
ya gitu... tapi belum apdet blog...
asa males kitu...
Dita sehat-sehat yaaa

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