Matahari Terbit dan Temannya

Hey, sunrise…
It’s been raining for three days here. All of my field works collapsed into zero. Although I always bring umbrella and a field hat, but I guess it’s not wise to push all the equipments to work under this gloomy weather. Yeah, all the land is wet and the mud sticks to my croos training shoes, making them as heavy as safety boots. But I promise to keep on going.
I miss you, Sunrise.
It will be nice to have you here. With me. Sharing stories. And laughters. Haha… trying hard to ignore every wind that will give us cold.
Be there, Sunrise. Watching me smile. And paint the sky with our dreams. A wonderful world is, me, clouds, blue sky, layered hills, white sandy beach, green savana, voice of birds, crushing waves, turqouise ocean, and… you. Umm… Is there something missing? Is it a rainbow?

I miss the way you call me nickname. Yeah, that seven color thing. I promise Sunrise, if we are together again, there will always be a rainbow in your sky.

the picture above is a photograph of Saree's sun. And as I remember, I hardly take pictures of scenery except that one above. I'm sure you're gonna love it, Sunrise. It even will make you as a wiser person.

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