Latest Addiction

Recently I’ve been addicted to:

Smashing Pumpkins Well I think this is for forever. But can’t help buat listening to Cherub Rock over over over and over again. And don’t mention Porcelina of the Vast Ocean. Uh hu. Love that sound of guitar distorsion.

3Ds Max I just can’t believe that I have the courage to install the program in my computer and make sumthing out of it. Ok, maybe it’s not Finding Nemo I created. Only snapshots of Saree Site Plan from different angles. The site plan itself is less than simple. Only houses align along the pathway. But, I am so proud of my self. I even spent all the weekend for it. Yes, I was still in the office at 10 pm on Saturday nite. But, please don’t be sorry for me, ‘cause I learnt something new, I created something and proof that I still have the will to live and learn. Oprah might say, “You will never grow ola as long as you keep on learning…” Well, there you go, Oprah.

Vanilla Latte I found a box of Vanilla Latte in my food box back while I was cleaning my room. OK doky, this is gonna be great. Well, I brought packs of it from Bandung, but because I forgot to buy instant coffees for office supply, all of my Vanilla Latte just grabbed by everybody. They just didn’t bother with a bag of Takengon coffee. Whatever it is, I need thosse dozes of caffeine. Oh my, I begin to get along well with coffee here.

Chocolate At the first place, I manage to give all the chocos I bought in Batam for my beloved friends. But all the Kiwis chocolate, Peppermint chocholate, and bars of Richfield just can’t wait. I need those for amphetamine, replacing my lunch meal.

You In any forms. Regardless you appeared as text on my messenger or voice coming out from my cellphone. Moreever, past conversation I saved on notepad that I read over and over. I can stare at pictures of your smile. Or just your simple name written on my blog. Thousand times.


Sleep will not come to this tired body now
Peace will not come to this lonely heart
There are some things I'll live without
But I want you to know that I need you right now
I need you tonite

In the Arms of Sleep – Smashing Pumpkins

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