Over Excited Mint Car Mode - on

This is the song of falling in love.
It always knows how to steal my gloomy mood away.
I will be singing and dancing and laughing and having this twinkles in my eyes.
Ah, you know me. Had those days in three months, piled up in the same office space, you must be the witness of my mint car over excited mood.
Still, the best memories of this song is when we were holding our hands, walking down the Gatot Subroto road, watched by the sun who set in and I sing it out loud.
“The sun is up I’m so happy I could scream!!”
La di da di da…
“Vanilla smile and gorgeous strawberry kiss…” Smile at you, dahling.
And you stared at me while falsing the notes “Say it will always be like this, the two of us together..”
The exact favorite part of mine.

This is the song of falling in love. Let it stay in that way. Let me stay in that way with you.
Happy 8, Rawky. Let us stay in this way, intentionally and emotionally.


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